Jokerboat rib 30 feet

9.50 mt. of length

3.30 mt. of breadth

Evinrude E-TEC 300 hp engine

Omologated for 24 guests

Max 12 guests

Equipped with:

- n. 2 central benches on which it is possible to get dressed without moving the equipment on the tubolar of the rib;

- n. 2 comfortable stern ladders on which you can get into the rib without taking the equipment off;

- big spaces where it is possible to store all the stuff which a diver usually has;

- n. 2 deco stations at 5 mts., one for each rib side;

- n. 4 emergency air sources underwater;

- 5 lts. oxygen tank with double mask;

- M.F.A. equipment;

- VHF, GPS, ECOsounder + all the outfit request by Italian law;

- lots of cheerfulness!


Dufour 350 Grand Large

- 10-meter yacht which boasts outstanding performance and is an ergonomic and comfort revolution. This yacht borrows from its bigger brothers all the finesse of style that takes the quality of life on board to new heights, when sailing as well as at mooring.

- its large sail surface area enables it to reach remarkable top speeds, whilst the split-level deck and self-tacking jib guarantee optimum handling and steering and perfect visibility. Its open cockpit is perfect for long-haul sailing and is extremely comfortable.