das glückliche Team...


Junior Open Water Divers

The mascottes of the diving center. They are Viola and Marilù, young but bulky. They are fond of sea and diving and are the guardian angels of all children, snorkelers or swimmers.


Advanced Open Water Diver, Life Guard and React Right Licensed

He always says yes. So, please, do not misuse him. He is always there, either at the diving center or at the beach, so he knows a lot about water. As for kindness, cheerfulness and self-irony, nobody is better than him.


SSI Dive Control Specialist

Young instructor assistant, he wishes to share his love for the sea to improve his experience with buddies and guests. Specialized in intro-dives, he is always present when talking about water. And when he is not at the seaside, he studies Marine Science at the University of Milan.


SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor

She has fun in all the foreign languages she knows, with young people and old ones. She is fond of entry level courses with kids. Luckily no one can speak underwater, otherwise she would tell you how beautiful the sea is also from there.


The Commander

Commander-in-pectore of the boat Music and Magic, he has been sailing through oceans and libraries for a whole life. Delighting everybody, he is willingly happy to be the “guardian angel” to all our divers, snorkelers and passengers.


SSI Instructor Trainer, Padi Master Instructor, Mares tester 

Mehr als 7000 Tuachgaenge, 30 Jaehrige Taetigkeit in Italien und im Ausland. Er stellt allen seine Erfahrung zur Verfuegung, die einen Kurs machen wollen oder die einen sicheren und ruhigen Tauchgang moegen.